With a passion for storytelling and listening to other people's stories, Minjae Chang is a Womenswear designer based in Seoul and Antwerp.

During the time when she was pursuing her BA in Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp, Minjae raised problematic issues from overall society to labour environments and this time - the immigration issue.

She was inspired by immigrants who in live foreign countries, yet manage to preserve their own heritage in a mixed cultural background. Minjae translated traditional  Korean costumes into silhouettes and mixed them up to create a new contemporary style, with a touch of futuristic flair in order to also express her hope for a brighter future.

In addition to this, Minjae also developed her own jewellery and embroidered patchwork. The casual fabric used makes pieces suitable for everyday wear while elevating it at the same time.

Silhouettes also feature a nylon fabric outerwear with interior check pattern, making the garment reversible while a mixture of fabric mix-match applique from a leftover sports jersey garments is used for upcycling.