Mizuki is a London / Tokyo based contemporary jewellery artist. During her study at Central Saint Martins, she has been focused on sustainability. She believes strongly that sustainable thinking can be a positive, creative force and uses this thinking to drive her designs. The challenge of projects that focus on responsible practice encourages her to creatively use waste or environmentally friendly material to make less waste and use less energy. She wants to challenge the perception of everyday materials, adding value to it by using her jewellery skills to reassess our relationship with waste – she believes in making a direct change to our actions for sustainability through her jewellery.

Mizuki’s collection challenges the way we perceive plastic, an everyday material that all too easily becomes waste. Her concern is not only environmental sustainability but also an appreciation of plastic as a material in its own right. Inspired by the movement of water in oceans which are threatened by plastic waste, her pieces make use of plastic’s light and malleable characteristics, demonstrating that it has as much decorative potential as gold and silver. Her collection urges us to reconsider the value of plastic in a way that protects the environment.

Interpretative text by Hyeonjo Kim