Mona Matsui was born in 1992, Tokyo, Japan. Currently, she is studying at Royal College of Art, MA-Textiles Printed Textiles.

Her aim is to cooperate the flowing movements, that nature or everyday events produce, with her textiles in order to promote well-being in urban society. She is reflecting narratives that she has experienced or seen, into textiles. This is like adding emotion to the textile so that they can change the atmosphere of space, surface and air. Her textiles bring sensuality to the monotonous structure of our environment. Because textiles make gravity and air visible, light apparent, they are a solution to make a primal connection between architecture, people and space. This eases people's mind and gives the impression of calm, familiar and feminine to buildings or products.

In her textile designs, she mainly focuses on using circles because it has a deep relationship with her identity. It represents harmonious, freedom and life cycle itself. She has found the relationship between circle, pattern design and nature; every event is repeating. The pattern design which is made with circles brings us the impression of the form of orderly, and it is emphasized aesthetic effects of surface design; this will cooperate with the structure of architecture.

Through using natural materials and collaborating with Japanese Textile's industry, she pushes the boundaries between traditional techniques and materials and exploring them in a more contemporary way. Through casting textiles, she is creating an experience of the space itself, suggesting a fresh sensation, imbued with memory and experience that she has ever seen.