Natalie Sit is a womenswear designer based in the United Kingdom and China. Her design infused with her identity, experience and culture, working towards using innovative ways to convey her story.

Currently, Natalie is completing her BA in Fashion Design in Nottingham Trent University. She is passionate on women’s empowerment and using her personal experience to aim to break the East Asian women’s stereotype whilst creating a cultural dialogue between the West and the East.

She believes ‘knowledge is the power’, Natalie father once told her ‘no one can take knowledge from you, it is your best asset.’ Therefore, in his honour, her design will be her legacy. Her interest is to incorporate her knowledge in Western and Chinese culture into her every piece and design. Her collection will always have a story to tell, aiming to leave threads of hidden messages and a statement to be heard. Her designs are the fragmentation of her identity, a unique DNA.