Niamh Kerins, a Kingston School of Art graduate, is a designer who enjoys blurring the boundaries between gender norms and uses fashion as a vessel to exploit this. She strongly believes that clothes should not be restricted and assigned only to specific genders, but that everyone should have the right to feel fabulous in whatever they choose to wear.

Regarding fashion as being a safe space for one to freely explore and express their own identity, she designs garments for those who dare to be different, creating bold, brave, fun and fearless looks.

Growing up in the metropolis cities of Manchester and London, Niamh has constantly been exposed to clashing cultures, and indulges herself into city life. She takes full advantage of her surroundings, and is constantly inspired by anything and everything. This seeps through into her design aesthetic, as seen with the clashing of prints and textures and vibrant, saturated colours.

Using techniques she has picked up throughout her education, Niamh enjoys creating/manipulating textile surfaces via embroidery, print design, quilting, embellishment, bleaching and dying etc. These effects ensure a unique and personal product. She wants her garments to reflect the individuality of those that want to wear them.