Niapsou Design was started by Babacar DIAKHATE , a young self taught fashion designer in Montreal in 2015, later he enrolled in a fashion design program in Toronto and eventually moved to Paris in 2018 to study Fashion at MA level at Ensad Paris.

Babacar likes edgy cuts and high quality pieces with a great craftsmanship. After graduation, he decided to continue working on his collections and producing them locally in Paris. He now has put sustainability at the core of his practice by using dead stock fabrics and recycled materials while ensuring traceability off the fabrics and applying the fair trade idea when hiring seamstresses. HE cuts all the pieces manually and uses the fabric in the best way possible with little to no waste and considers them for accessories or smaller pieces.

His designs are an extension of his personal style and aesthetic. He is a big colour lover and likes to challenge himself by working with clashing materials therefore achieving not so obvious mixes. He also likes to work with bright colours in a very decadent way between colour block, juxtaposition or just a focus. His work emphasises the idea of giving a street touch to a couture piece and vice versa. He believes a fashion is not really a fashion until it reaches the street and also in the idea of democratising what fashion and couture especially to the mere population. it should reach out to the streets more and more.

His collection is an invitation to question our attitude towards garments. A piece of garment is sometimes not just some perishable good as fast fashion makes us think, it is sometimes a piece with a story , an identity and should be appreciated as such. The collection is made from recycled pieces collected at Emmaus.