Nitya is a recently graduated womenswear designer from Central Saint Martins Graduate diploma course. Having completed her BA (Hons.) from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

Her aim as a designer is to play with shapes and volumes while contouring and concealing the body at the same time in order to make women feel confident and comfortable in their skin.

Her collection explores a sense of belonging - ever since she moved out of her parents house she has only found in her body. Over the years, she has despised and cherished her body at the same time. The collection features a play on shapes and sizes representing the way she has always distorted her figure in order to fit her idea of perfection.Mesh is combined with neoprene to create surrealistic bodies, the outlines of which are embroidered on the fabric. Tinted in the shades of black and pink, the garments create forms that mock the unattainable ideal figure the designer used to crave for.