Nowshin Prenon is a BA (Hons) Textile Design student at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She is currently specialise in constructive textile design, experimenting in both knitted and woven design.

During lockdown she explored the sustainable element by reusing waste as a resource that can be recycled for further use, where the afterlife of the material is considered.

To further emphasise the theme of growth, the collection itself features absolutely every skill the designer had developed during the course : embroidery, draping, basic corsetry and developing a unique fabric print from scratch, as well as many more.

Each garment was and is not intended for mass production, heavily drawing on the slow fashion principle, with each garment made and developed by the designer from start to finish, ensuring each one is done with love and passion for the craft.

Her work is always material driven, as she love to experiment with unconventional materials, which are usually thrown-away or sourced from waste. Her aim is to create sustainable and aesthetic work from the material that she sources. The process she takes to investigate the potential of the material gives her work an unexpected approach to design.

Nowshin combines various techniques in her design process to create an unexpected design outcome, such as passementerie, weaving, knotting, printing & dying with natural waste material. Her collection are always focus on telling a story through the use of materials & processes. Each collection has a personal narrative attached to it.