Fascinated with the sustainability in the use of sea found objects, and the juxtaposition between luxury and nature, Nujoud Oweis is an accessories designer with a Textile Design degree from Central Saint Martins based in Amman and London.

During her time at Central Saint Martins, Nujoud developed her own hand knotting and macrame techniques using faux leather that became primal in her blueprint as a designer. Combining these techniques with the up-cycled sea objects that she has collected throughout the years, formed her main theme of juxtaposing luxury and nature.

Throughout her design journey, Nujoud aims to develop her use of sea found objects as forms of sustainable material in accessory and jewellery design. Aiming to preserve the beauty of these treasures and eliminating the notion behind loss of their value due to mass production, she is driven to merge the use of these materials with the luxury design world. When the idea of the cabinets of curiosity first began, historians were in awe of such objects. This glorification rose due to the fact that such beauty in a natural object came from a new world that of wonder and oblivion. In her design process and through sharing her pieces as lost treasures that have been found, she hopes to revive this appreciation and awe towards these sea objects that were once praised and are now overlooked and forgotten.