With a passion for Italian artisanal, the embroidery and the idea of broadening their horizons, they give life to sportswear with a strong sartorial imprint. Pierluigi De Mita is a designer based in Italy

During the period in which he was graduating in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute of Florence, Pierluigi had developed a style linked to tradition, for the use of hand-made embroidery.

In his collection, Italian artisanal blends with strong sportswear. his inspiration is the future and space. the collection was born from an event taken from his childhood. it is a cartoon that he saw as a child, for this reason, he is included in the collection in the form of embroidery, to make it ironic, he uses different wool fabrics, embellished with stones and palletes because space is made to be irregular abstract and spontaneous. the collection has very broad lines. the fusion of classic fabrics with sporty lines, give life to a very strong collection.