Rebecca Moulton is an Edinburgh College of Art 2020 graduate from the Jewellery and Silversmithing BA(Hons).

Her main inspirations have always been interaction, materials and the urban environment. Rebecca’s work is created using new technology and traditional techniques to construct these decorative or architectural elements into elegant pieces of jewellery that we can adorn ourselves with.

Rebecca wants us to be able to hold structures that are always present in the background of our lives, that we usually cannot touch, or we walk past every day and may not notice. She transforms usually sturdy constructions into jewellery, using square wire to make structural support combined with box chain, to give movement to features that would usually be still around us. When the pieces are interacted with, they come to life by the chain that drapes off the edges.

Rebecca uses bright stones in her work to highlight the splashes of colour we see in our cities whether it being a light, a tile, or a piece of graffiti. Her own hands are also integrated in her work to represent her view and experience of the cities that inspired these pieces of work. The hands used are interacting with the city itself or changing it, as she did.