Rozanne Da Costa is a french Fashion Designer who studied arhitecture in Paris, then moved to London and graduated, with a First, in a Fashion design BA at Ravensbourne University London.

After learning avant-gardist technics in the ateliers of Iris Van Herpen and Hussein Chalayan, she built her collection «Regeneration» around her own inovative processes such as; a dress in levitation made with 3D printed magnetic mechanisms or 3D prints fused into laser cut layers.

She explains in her own words her concetp:‘During Covid’s lockdown stages throughout 2020, I, among many people, had a major breakthrough while in quarantine. As an antidote to the world that was falling apart around me, I wrote a satirical guide entitled « How to make a successful regeneration ».

This satirical poem explains how to regenerate yourself physically and psychically. It would say for example: -first look at your cells regeneration -then if the regeneration is too slow push it -once you’re ready replace your old skin by your new skin Or: -secondly try to not hide under a fake skin -if you have a fake skin please unstick it -then show what’s under your real skin.

To develop my satire design wise, I used the method of magnetic forces, so the old regenerated skin could be lifted out of the body. The dress responds to a pure movement only dictated by the impulses of the woman's body, who chooses whether or not to complete this regeneration by bringing movement to the dress.

I have also used the technique of sections plans, that I learnt in my architecture studies, to « dive » deep into the psychic body and reveal the « real » inner body of the woman wearing the dress. This dress is the last « phase » of my collection which I have built around a series of regeneration phases.

To push my reflection even further, I have imagined this virtual show so I could rebalance my resources and amplify the existing movement. As if I had a team of physicians working with me on electromagnetic circuits. I built the digital design of the Levitating Chrysalis dress with softwares such as Clo3D and Rhinos 3D in order to help me think one step in advance and avoid any waste of time and materials.

Fashion is sensible, regenerative and timeless, unlike buildings. Fashion can be moulded and re-moulded like sculptures. Fashion is the mirror of a constant and relentless renewal.’