Ruby is an experimental jewellery artist who uses a wide range of materials and techniques to achieve unique outcomes. Her practice is primarily influenced by the body and carries surreal themes through the application of computer aided design and hand-crafting. She specialises in photoshop, exhibiting her original interpretation of digital manipulation and converting virtual projects to life through a considered range of materials.

As a 2021 BA Jewellery Design graduate of Central Saint Martins (UAL), Ruby intends to build her own business, creating unique statement pieces under her own brand. She plans to base herself in London where she will begin her career as a freelance jewellery artist.

Graduate Collection - Contemporary Self-Portraiture

Ruby’s collection draws on her personal experience of isolation. Deprived of external inspiration, Ruby became her own muse, questioning her own perception of identity through the image of her eye. Her eye-pieces subvert conventions of traditional self-portraiture by enabling the wearer to see from the artist’s perspective. Viewing the human eye as a vessel of 'the self', Ruby uses acetate to allow the wearer’s face to become part of each piece. By distorting her eye in a variety of ways, she shows the inability to truly capture 'the self', which is constantly fluctuating and inherently personal.

(Above: Interpretative text by Moa Jegnell, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation)