Sarah Woolley (SarahWoolleyStudio) is an ambitious, highly driven creative individual who has a strong passion for combining fashion and architecture. Sarah specialises in womenswear, mostly experimental pattern cutting. She is very interested in pattern cutting and experimenting with different shapes to create sculptural garments. She believes that clothes should be seen more than just clothes and more as wearable sculptures, and moving art. Showing the potential of combining fashion and architecture, with experimental pattern cutting achieves this.

Sarah has always had a true passion for design and belief in all her designs and work and always puts her everything in them with no limitations stopping her. She has always be daring and likes to challenges herself in what she can do to create different pieces of art that would wouldn’t normally be seen on garments. She wants to stand out from the rest and not blend in, and wants to create a new wave for the industry showing how unique and adventurous you can be with the combination of pattern cutting, architecture, and fashion to make it wearable art.