Sebastian Martin Nissl is a London based fashion designer graduate from Kingston University. Through drawing and sketching a lot early on in his life and his compulsory passion to observe, he soon figured out that designing fashion is the way for him to express his collected impressions.

During his time at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, studying for his Bachelor of Arts, he learnt how to harness his creativity without losing its freedom. As of recently, Sebastian successfully completed his Master's program in the United Kingdom. Here he perfected his work and style to introduce himself to London. 


Martin Nissl's design and collections are poetic and elegant pieces, that often intertwine art, nature, and fashion. He focuses on the importance, impact, and stories fashion conveys and puts a lot of emphasis on his inspiration that helps him create relevant designs with a moving Zeitgeist.  

With his Master project, he goes all the way back to the roots and seeks inspiration in dinosaurs and their evolution to feathered and flying beings, showing we all have to learn from the past to create a smarter way for the future. His process gives a closer look at his work as a designer.  

Images by Natasha Kileen and Mike Ying