Jewellery artist Seongmin Kim, who works with various types of jewellery that includes delicate characteristics and vibrant colours, is about to graduate from BA Central Saint Martins Jewellery Design in London next summer.

As of 2021, as an art director and jewellery artist, she is continuing to expand her scope by collaborating with people in various fields. Her current work not only includes an elaborate array of beautiful jewellery pieces but speaks to many people about the emotional toil of her own story.

By using various materials to create new types of body pieces, she includes her own personal touch which gives her pieces an original look. Some of her work has been published in fashion magazines, and she has a desire to further expand her jewellery into the fashion field.

She creates her own style by actively moving and finding inspiration from delicate hand drawings with colour combination skills and embroidery hand techniques. Furthermore, her work introduces metal craft techniques. She is constantly making new designs of jewellery.

Observing the things that surround us, such as people, nature, objects, history, and travel, she is constantly exploring new things. Her original and gorgeous jewellery pieces have created a memorable impression in people’s lives.