With a passion for storytelling and listening to other people’s stories, Seren Gaygusuz is a womenswear designer based in London | Istanbul.

During the time when she was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design in Regents University London Seren had always been focused on how to create patterns from draping straight onto a mannequin. The spontaneity of this process always excites her much more than drafting.

Her final year collection at Regents University London, the collection comprises 6 exquisite tulle outfits. It combines soft layered tulle pieces with masculine military, upcycled jackets. It is a modern translation of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. This juxtaposing element represents the internal struggle women went through in Turkey in the time of the Ottomans, which is a subject Seren was fiercely passionate about and wanted to highlight. Her home city of Istanbul inspired her with the muted colours of painted sun-bleached walls and knocked back structures with its streets and houses full of life and character. Seren chose to mute these colours as pastels which harmonised well with the tulle.