Shannon O’Doherty is a fashion design student, who has just completed her first year at the University for the Creative Arts Epsom, focusing on womenswear.

During her first year she has undertaken a Shirt Project, which you can see here, in which she designed a collection and then constructed one of the shirts. Her constructed shirt was made using both machine sewing and hand sewing in order to give it a high-quality finish. Her collections concept was based on the dynamic duo Romeo and Juliet.

Shannon also explores different techniques within her collections including creating her own digital prints and lacing in order to create statement pieces.

Shannon is heavily inspired by historical dress and the concept of juxtaposing this with modern ideas to create unique collections. 90’s films have also been major sources of inspiration, with her Shirt Project being inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and her current project focusing on David Fincher’s ‘Fight Club’.