Shun Yip is a Sheffield based Menswear Designer who graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. This project is delving into the notion of the film ‘Pleasantville’  She is using the film as a bedrock to push the ideas from an archetypal world that has divergent protagonists - an existence that has distractions from what the world really is, the utopian principles painting a picture of a faultless environment, a sanctuary from the reality that surrounds us every day. The collection is revolved around how others see the world in its natural state.

The designer showcased her collection during Graduate Fashion Week 2019 and was selected to appear in the Best Of, and Gala Awards catwalk shows.

 Shortly after GFW, she was also awarded the Chartered Society of Designers Award becoming an associate member of 2019, showcasing her collection as Best of at Sheffield Hallam University.