With a deep love for digital and graphic prints, Sidonie Labistour is a Textiles Print Designer based in London/ Brighton.

Whilst finishing her degree at the University of Brighton, Sidonie explored the concepts of chaos and dis-order in our current reality through her final major project ‘Breaking boundaries’. Illustrating a personal perception into our modern day world and chaos, printed masks have been used to bring the vibrant and bold prints to life.

Focusing on digital print as a more sustainable method of textile production, the collection aims to explore the issues within our society and structures through playful designs. Communicating themes of both positive and negative nature through streetwear garments, it observes the surroundings around us.

Grids and checks are a running theme, reflecting on ideas of entrapment, migration and subjugation. A broad range of colour is used throughout the gender neutral prints to mirror the chaos in the world whilst the collection remains season-less, allowing it to be all inclusive and diverse.

Political, social and environmental issues are depicted within the imagery and embroidery and embellishment has been used to bring depth and assertion to the boundaries we are currently facing, breaking and defeating.