Telling stories with prints and textiles is how the work of Sterre Bobeldijk comes to existence. Sterre graduated from ArtEZ BA Fashion Design Womenswear course in July 2021 with a collection mainly focused on handmade prints and textiles.

Her fabrics play the leading role, in consequence, her designs are simpler to bring the focus to the textiles. Her narrative textiles are created all by hand starting withdrawing, this gives her complete freedom and control in designing her fabrics

Eccentricity aka 'unconventional and slightly strange' has Sterre's everlasting fascination. She explores the familiar and the unfamiliar, the banal and the stange. Personal muses like her grandma's aunt, Edith Sitwell and Eedie Beale, seen as eccentric women by society, and their unique way of dressing and living were a big inspiration source for her pattern making and fabric storytelling.