Svea K. Beckedorf is a womenswear student at Central Saint Martins. She is based in London and Hamburg, Germany. Svea always describes her work as a clown: fun and colourful but at the same time kind of scary. In her work, you can see her pull for the dark side, and her unique way of bringing light and positivity in every project. Svea’s process is to start with a serious and complex subject, which she interprets in her own way by using contrasting combinations of vibrant colours. There is a ‘in between’ feeling which makes her collections stand out. The darker the topic, the more colourful and happy is the collection.

In addition to her happy creative self, Svea is a trained tailor and pattern maker. For her, creativity and quality are things you cannot separate. Her garments are always produced to very high standards. That and her professional know-how of fabrics and accessories are what makes her work sustainable. She produces favourite pieces which last a lifetime.