Influenced heavily by women in history and vintage sportswear, Tanja Novak designs sport luxe womenswear focused heavily on her research, fabric manipulation, silhouette and creating volume.

Tanja’s graduate collection was inspired by female combat sports athletes from the Victorian era; women who were paraded around as a form of entertainment or performed within a freak show and fought in corseted, heavy dresses. This created the silhouette to work from, eventually expanding her research to include Victorian skiwear and underwear as well as drawing inspiration from more modern sportswear from the 80s.

Tanja’s collections are inspired by and designed for bold, feminine and fearless women fighting for their rightful place in society. Each collection is designed in support of current events and social issues collecting research from historical ears and photography. The design process is focused on garment cut and construction as her skills lie in pattern cutting and fabric manipulation.

Tanja graduated with a BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Business degree from the University of Brighton in 2018. She is currently looking to expand on her experience within the fashion industry before launching her own brand.