“We need to talk more about women`s genitalia.” TATI is a recent MA graduate from the Institut Francais de la Mode (IFM) in Paris with a major in Knitwear for Fashion. Until March 2020, TATI was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at the University of Art & Design in Basel, Switzerland. Prior, she accomblished a foundation course in Graphic Design also in Basel, Switzerland. In addition, she interned for Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY in London in 2019. TATI had always been focused on how to create irritations through textile manipulations with an eye on upcycling different kind of left-over materials.

Finding political relief in the subversion process, she unravels the power of folklore and traditional handicraft by using wool as weaponry. TATI`s MA collection is a celebratory homage to her grandmother who was a typical, subordinate housewife, and her punk mother who was a pioneer in the male-dominated world of IT. Together they taught her the importance of being oneself and standing up for women’s rights. Love and community essence are deeply interwoven in her practice. Through knitwear TATI is looking into traditional craftmanship and it`s relation to politics. How can feminism be expressed through craft today? A warrior in a soft armor?