Taz Dorodi (Tazzidesign) is an ambitious, creative and highly motivated individual with lot of enthusiasm and great ideas who has a passion for fashion. Having a few years of experience in pattern cutting and dressmaking as she willing to do work that is most challenging and rewardable. Taz specialises in mostly womenswear design and bespoke tailoring.Highly interested in pattern cutting, dressing and womenswear tailoring is the key to creating her one off piece of clothing. She believes that clothes should make women feel strong, sexy and empowered. It's still worth remembering that bespoke clothing not only can make us look unique, but what is more important, fits our body well and gives us the feeling of absolute comfort.

Taz lives and breathes her work, a true passion that embodies the depth of her designs. By truly understanding her audience needs and wants, combined with her extensive knowledge and design talent, she creates the most wonderful and unique clothing items that any woman would feel amazing in.All images are her one off piece of design and handmade by her it self. Taz was also sponsored by Huddersfield textile design for her outstanding tailoring suits and had the chance to shoot her designs in Florence, Italy at Pitti Oumo event She was also one of the Finalist for Golden Shears Awards 2019.