Terrence Zhou is a fashion designer and artist based in New York City. Terrence grew up in Wuhan, China and came to the U.S. when he was 17. Before attending Parsons the School of Design for Fashion, Terrence majored in Mathematics with engineering track. Because of his multidisciplinary experience, Terrence’s work is infused with elements of tech and art. His work is a performance of his life, and for him ‘Living is a Performance’.

Terrence dedicated much time and energy to heightening his physical perfection. He aims to project the best parts of him whilst burying and blurring his fragility. His ambition for his collection was to control the viewer. Offering an expression of unapologetic beauty with the impenetrable barrier of confusion and farce.

Yet as his work progressed and it began to expose itself - it became all the more important for him to share the dynamics between self and the spectator, the roles we play. Totally biographical the collection is now a depository of his experiences that document the vulnerable, hilarious and most personal of moments, allowing for both a metaphorical and literal embodiment of self. In his final year collection, Terrence uses engineering methods like plastic forming and 3D modelling to achieve complicated silhouettes. As Terrence is a ballroom dancer and a bodybuilder, the fabric choices were made based on gym outfits and latin ballroom dancers’ dresses.

The accessory is in collaboration with the designer Hau Yin Andree Kong