CHEZ-SOI is a project built on a personal experience of not feeling at home. Imagining a wardrobe which restores the comfort and nostalgia of our dearest places to us, no matter where we are. He combined the two strongest places he lived in and extracted their colours, materials and symbols to recreate a space in between, his collection Traditionally trained in draping and pattern making, he pursued a more sustainable way of designing through digital. It lets him cut down waste, as he mostly did the design, prototyping, and print placement solely on the computer.

His point was to show the translation between digital and craft in a high-end/luxury case; how it is more conscious.

But also more efficient than the current design practice in the fashion industry. Besides using those tools, his project is an exploration around identity and nostalgia in the digital age. It allies new ways of designing and presenting (VR) while respecting the product and the craft, which needs to be preserved and celebrated.