Tinezia Mecca is an Indonesian based fashion designer who recently graduated from RMIT University, specialising in womenswear. As a fashion designer, she developed her personal aesthetic by exploring architectural forms and textures.

Through her preference for fabric manipulation, Tinezia has been able to create a collection that explores forms and movements in an organic way.

Aimed to build insight into the role of fashion in spaces and urban places, Tinezia was initially inspired by the colours of the old building that the Mediterranean Wholesalers market on Sydney Road is in. Tinezia became ‘urban flâneurs’ by observing surroundings while walking the streets of Brunswick, Victoria. Through slow inhabitation, her perspective shifted from how fashion is designed to how it is lived in the place and the community.

Tinezia wants to see more cohesive colours in Brunswick because it is the way of celebrating creativity in the area. Having more colourful fashion in the area inspired by the buildings could make people pay more attention to the details of the environment and the creative culture.