Jewellery is freedom, it’s craft, its pushing boundaries to Toni Evans a recently graduated Jewellery designer based in London and Hong Kong.

Her work seeks to deconstruct social expectations by finding gaps in which differences thrive. During the process, it has allowed her to create new relationships with the material by listening to them, feeling them, and transforming them.

Inspired by the performance of aerialists, Toni’s collection “Spectacle of the Body” explores the abstract and poetic nature of self and how the body and mind have no definitive form.

The collection connects the themes of the body with materiality in the same way as an aerialist connects with their safety net. Toni sees bodies as transformative, ever-changing, always performative beings, which she represents through a variety of processes: transforming non-precious metals, fabricating metal on recycled plastic net, fashioning dynamic objects from copper sheet, and hand-painting enamel.

Interpretative text by Nicole Kee, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation