Tyesha Camacho is a Fashion Textiles graduate specialising in printed textiles from the University for the Creative Arts. Her final collection is aimed at the Menswear market for those aged 16-25 looked at redefining negative stereotypes through artistic expression. She looked at the London music scene, culture, art and graffiti for inspiration for her prints as well as inspiration for her garments. She didn’t just use any inspiration from online, she used the inspiration that she saw everyday in her version of her hometown of London and used the aspiring artists and their environments to heavily influence her final collection.

In regard to her main technique, She focused on digital printing on cotton fabrics along with some elements of screen printing and foil printing. The construction of her garments took time and planning as each outfit had many details that required patience such as quilting and buckles and webbing tape details.

She aimed for her final collection to positively express the ‘urban’ London that has many negative connotations such as gangs, police relations and artist primarily musicians. She wanted an audience to look at her work and see London through her eyes and not the London the media portrays.