Uliana Nekrasova’s project explores the relationships between sound, body, and mind. Based on a neuroscientist spectrogram, representation of a brain's conflict while listening to ambient sounds, from silence to disturbing noise, and the diverse emotional oscillations our brain creates while listening to music. The mission of Amygdala collection is an interpretation of sound visualization through abstract art and burlesque dancing movement.

Amygdala collection is about where sound visualisation through photoelectronic sound sentisizer meets decadence of burlesque and s an alternative method to psychoanalysis.

Each look represents specific tone, from disturbing noise to pulsation, insistent sound to silence. Uliana was influened by the book by Mikhail Galeev (founder of soviet experimental art) called ‘Photoelectronic sound synthesiser’(1990) where he was exploring sound through video film projection which influenced her instinct drawings created using TouchDesigner which also directed silhouettes and prints.

For cut and silhouette she was draping fishnet tights, recycled capron and mixed it with deconstructed musician’s tailcoat fused with suspender belts, mesh corset with inserted plastic piping which followed the curves of the body.