Vina Liliani is a fashion designer who was born and raised in a rather small and conservative city in Indonesia. Being a young woman who was raised in such environment, she has a lot to learn about the world when she first went abroad to pursue her fashion study in Singapore. She had met people from accross the world, people from various communities, listened to their stories and experience different reality. This has gained her a new perspective on how she view things in life and it has helped shape her into the person she is today. It’s like she is going through her rebellious teenager phase again, but expressing her thoughts and emotions through fashion.

The theme given for her 2019 collection is femininity. Femininity is a highly subjective term, it is up to anyone's interpretation. Some people say strong, feminine women; she took my inspiration from women in the 50s, because in her opinion, that is the era where women are the most feminine; or at least that's what the definition in dictionary means or by society's standard.

In this collection, she was imagining how she, as a modern day young woman would live my life in the 1950s. With all the rules and expectation, having to look nice, grace and poise; it is a complete opposite of how she and many other modern day women live our lifes. The juxtaposition of both modern and 50s is captured by her friend, who is also her muse and model for this collection. She(her friend) is a woman who posseses the traditional beauty but she is also a hot mess.

Each outfit in this collection portrays different occasion or day-to-day life outfits; such as wedding dress, party dress, sleepwear, etc.