Investigate Sonic In The Field On Fashion Knitwear Knitwear design as an area of fashion design and the increasing number of creative methods of knitwear design is focused primarily on visual principles and expressions. Alternative non-visual viewpoints on aesthetics in fashion design by examining ancient methods in knitting with their new reinvention, fabrics and other content. The fashion analysis of sonic provided countless possibilities to be generated and offers a fresh and exciting future area to be explored.

The collection's key aim is to discuss and examine 'sonic design.' The collection explores auditory characteristics and sound personalities, proposes fresh opportunities for alternate ways of design-thinking to reach up to visual dimensions of personal-object interactions in architecture through study programmes. The collection began with the buckram idea on the knitwear and explore and investigate the feasibility of using a buckram on knits and to create a new textured surface on knitwear to obtain background knowledge and information on the interlining and buckram to knitwear.