As a womenswear designer based in Cornwall, Wiam often saw a lack of diverse workwear that included other cultures and allowed peoples personalities to come through. Wiam’s heritage includes the Yemeni culture as she lived in Yemen for thirteen years so this collection is truly inspired by the personal experiences of both cultures. Wiam has developed a passion for designing garments that can tell a story and celebrate different cultures.

Whilst she was studying BA Fashion Design at Falmouth University, Wiam had discovered her love for the technical aspects of designing and from that she developed her technical drawing skills with illustrator and even challenged her self to try out CLO which she toiled some of her garments on.

Wiam’s collection looked at the history of the Yemeni culture and modern European workwear culture. Every garment started with the experimentation of fabric choice, colour and pattern work. The design process of Wiam’s collection allowed her to adapt her garments to fit the target audience in a way which can be styled to suit cultural needs as well as keeping on board that people who don’t associate themselves with religion can still feel as though the clothing can be worn by them. Wiam’s aim was to explore how these different cultures can merge to become a unified collection