Inspired by her passion for craftsmanship and her eclectic sense of humour, Yen Wong is a Malaysian Womenswear designer focussed on the combination of intricate techniques and heritage with ideas of kitsch and camp.

Yen’s graduate collection has a playful tone, exploring the idea of the perfect 1950s-60s woman and the immense social pressures placed upon women, leading to an eventual manic episode. Using classic couture and tailoring silhouettes as well as construction techniques from that time period as inspiration, she also touches upon her own personal heritage, juxtaposing elements from her Malaysian-Chinese background alongside the heavily westernised perspective of the 50s-60s woman.

Playing with the usage of unconventional objects, materials and textiles and concept of disposability and “cheap” luxury, Yen’s collection features handwoven tweed made from Christmas decorations, ribbons, scoubidou bracelets, polypropylene bags, lurex and bouclé yarns as well as the usage of PVC coated and taffeta tablecloths. This is contrasted with utilisation of more traditional “luxury” fabrics such as Melton wool. Aside from the exploration of handwoven textiles, print is also significant in the collection, designing digitally printed textiles from found objects.

Yen Wong graduated with a BA Hons Fashion with Business Studies degree from the University of Brighton in 2019. She is currently looking to begin her career within the fashion industry.