Yi Hsuan Sung is a Textile Florist who integrates materials innovation, handcraft and technology to create biodegradable textiles. A 2020 graduate of Parsons MFA Textiles program, she has a BA in Fashion from Taiwan and worked in womenswear design at EP Fashion Group, China. Her goal is to bridge art, nature, science and technology to create sustainable textile systems. She has received several honours including First Prize at the Met’s Costume Institute Graduate Fashion Design Competition, the NEWH Interior Design Scholarship, Honourable Mention in the Healthy Materials Lab Contest and Finalist in the Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize in 2019 and 2020.

Sung is forever studying Art Nouveau style-the intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms. She explores the history of flower making and ponders upon the eternity and ephemerality of both mother nature's and human beings' creations. By integrating modern craft and high tech into biomaterial agar, she is building a world of flowers in a way that's gently communicate and smartly co-create with nature and the communities within.