With a keen Passionate and creative for fashion, Ying Qu is a recently graduated Menswear designer based in London and China who strives to create a trinity between pattern cutting, printing and fashion Growing up She created new menswear by combining one-piece patterning techniques with dot printing techniques, combining creativity with commercialisation.Her idea through continuous experiments and attempts in the fabric, has achieved excellent graduate collection at the London College of Fashion

When Voyager 1 explored space it identified Earth as a 'pale blue dot' that exists in a universe of dots. The collection explores expansive one-piece pattern cutting between garments that express distance when both laid flat and worn wrapped around the body. Within the process of encasing the body in dots we find the person in the universe living on the planet we call Earth

In her mind, each of us is a spacecraft. To explore, find this world So in this process we have"distance with others. deep or shallow, far or close This is the answer I can give so far, because I am still looking for myself I hope readers can understand my feelings and enjoy this journey of exploration.