Yong Hui is a Malaysian-born London-based Fashion designer studying at Kingston School of Art. Being a fashion designer and an art enthusiast, He aims to find a way to marry fashion and art, reinterpreting the definition of fashion.

Yong Hui’s work is often autobiographical and personal, he uses fashion as a tool to express his emotional experience in life. As a young Malaysian gay man, he has noticed how the younger generation in the LGBTQ+ community in his country has lost their courage to fight for their rights and chose to surrender to the system that sabotages their liberty in life.

In this photography and styling project Systemaphilia, he explores the relationship between the legal system and the attitude of the youth in Malaysia towards LGBTQ+ issues.

The concept of styling behind the project is inspired by the neglected homoerotic art from his culture. Yong Hui has combined the elements from the traditional garments seen in those artworks with BDSM culture to illustrate the dominant and submissive relationship between the authoritative government and the obedient youth in Malaysia.