Yuqing was born 21 years ago in the north of China, where there are many traditions of different countries and nationalities mixed and influence the life. She always knew that she would to become a fashion designer. Yuqing likes historical costumes and street fashion at the same time, and always wanted to find points off contact between them.

Advertising the campaign of her collection reflects the concept of the difficult choice of social adaptation, which is faced by every girl of her generation starting adult life.Despite the historical inspiration of the contrasts of the Victorian era, she created a collection for a very young modern girl who is the same as herself, passionate about the world of comics.Her own perception of life can be very changeable, so she likes to combine dark and light colours, simple and sophisticated shapes. She believed that fashion is based on psychology ,so the outfit is emblematic : the bad girl is inside the cocoon which can be dressed by the white side as an image of a new life, or by the black one as an ascetic robe of a Nun.Her white dolly-looking minimalistic “bell ” dress is hidden under the installation that symbolises the different hearts of people and the sinuous black and white lines of their lives.