Zhiyin (Jenny) Huang is a speculative designer who is interested in observing human social behaviour and making connections through fashion design practice. Having studies multi-nationally across China, the United States and United Kingdom, she was cultivated with a cross-disciplinary vision and critical mindset by the various cultures she has experienced. She dedicates to bring our daily captures into focus for research, and questions everything that we have been taken for granted or neglected. The whole bachelor study in London College of Fashion Womenswear is, for her, a continuous exploration for design possibilities that connect people with empathy.

Along with her design philosophy and fashion design skillset, her design projects are usually approached through an investigative process in garment construction, as she believes that the disregard of functionality when creating garments assists to seek for alternative possibilities in accessing fashion design. She values the process of development over the outcome since the former reveals more design thinking and evaluation. Her collection embodies the forms of garment, illustration, film and animation as she wishes to work collectively and to intellectually engage designers from diverse disciplines. She is convinced that for the future system of fashion design, the possibilities in presenting fashion should be more dynamic. Instead of unstoppably producing the garments as consuming products, she insists that it is more valuable to have the outcome as an experience to offer in order to trigger more reflections from people who may concern, and ultimately to accelerate the speed of changes in the industry.