ZIYU MA is a recently graduated womenswear designer currently working in Beijing. She is dedicated to researching the recycling of unwanted textiles in the hope of finding an efficient and convenient way to recycle and reduce textile waste.

She completed her MA in Fashion Design at Kingston University in 2021 and her graduation work was featured in the school's fashion film. She has found a way to leave discarded fabrics unused in the process of garment making, and she continues to experiment with new techniques to achieve sustainable garments.

Her collection continues to explore sustainable techniques and she encourages people to recycle their unwanted clothes. She also uses discarded materials from fellow students when making her garments, reflecting her eco-friendly philosophy.

Based on her thoughts on mould, ZIYU MA explores how to turn unwanted and rejected old clothes into new objects. The expression of the two sides of things became the key to her creation. She explores different techniques such as bead knitting, three-dimensional printing and multi-layered fabric embroidery to shape new fabrics in three dimensions. She uses three-dimensional fabrics to show that people should look at things differently, to see the flaws as well as the strengths of things.