Zlata came to the UK in 2014 with no experience in the fashion industry. The past few years have been tough and with little funding she worked all the way through the fashion design course to support herself financially. As a result Zlata successfully graduated from Leeds Arts University and showcased her graduate collection during London Graduate Fashion Week 2018 where she was shortlisted as a finalist for a Considered Design Award.

‘ALL OR NOTHING’ collection is a result of Zlata’s experience in the UK where she had to either make it or go back home. This message is communicated through the use of her native language: Russian. Words ‘All or Nothing’ are hand-bleached directly onto the garments.

Vegan, organic and gender-neutral designs were developed through the exploration of kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. The notion of Eastern pattern cutting was explored and compared to the Western approach. This created a space between the body and garment, allowing the wearer to move and interact freely with the garments.