To bring the androgyny and playfulness awareness, Zoe Chutong Huang is a recently graduated jewellery designer based in London.

Until Summer 2021, when Zoe was pursuing her BA in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, she had always been focused on the interaction between jewellery and human body.

Stemming from her love of the language of Eastern healing practices, Zoe’s jewellery works with potent symbols: trees, acupuncture points and the flow of energy. Prioritising aesthetics, her collection explores the infinite correlations between organic and artificial objects. The intricate yet abstract lacing of pearls and metal wires, intimately corresponding with acupuncture points that have healing effects. The design maps out a structure that resembles poetic syllables and beats, readily accessible as a linear presentation but based on omnipotent spiritual concepts. Indeed, Zoe’s pieces are a striking merger of ethereal beauty and the grotesque.