Having developed her creative skills in fashion, knitwear, art and design over the past 6 years, Zohar showcased three unisex outfits of A/W 2019 collection. Her placements with Sophie Steller and South Ocean (Hong Kong) played a pivotal role in expanding and consolidating her skill-sets and knowledge in various areas of the fashion knitwear industry, as well as her own individual growth.

After gaining more experience in Menswear trend she was keen to use this as a focus in her final year. The concept was a visual experiment that investigated the emotions prompted by photographic images of child soldiers. It represented the life of a child soldier compared to that of a child experiencing a regular childhood. Silhouettes of the collection were considered through studying the clothing which child soldiers would wear, illustrating oversized and fitted garments to tailor shape and form on the body. This was explored through her artistic skills in developing colour and mark making techniques that were later developed in knitted fabrics.

Throughout her studies at Nottingham Trent University, Zohar specialised in fine gauges where she demonstrated the visual and practical feel of the garments and samples with her use of colours, drape, textures and patterns in knitwear.

Her distinctive style signified a meaning behind each piece with the aim of designing zero waste garments. She was sponsored by AA global in China and knitted the majority of her collection using their yarns.