After graduating from Birmingham City University, Xin Wen launched her own brand, Espiègle in 2015. Redefining the art of millinery with fun, passion and literal skill, Wen’s bold creations are transforming the hat world. Blending her fearless imagination with a more accessible sensibility, she creates amazing and unexpected head adornments for every occasion. Wen learnt a range of new handmade skills and techniques during her stay in the UK from dyeing and blocking to cutting and embroidery, which she brought back to China, allowing her to create a vibrant, cross-cultural bridge of design excellence in a new environment. It’s no surprise that due to her avant-garde aesthetic, her elegantly energetic works of art have been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Little Thing and Coco Magazine.


Floral Spoon Collection

Bees Village Collection

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