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Globalization is a phenomenon driven by technology and the movement of ideas, people and goods. According to the World Economic Forum, Globalization 4.0 has only just begun, at a time when the global economic environment continues to deteriorate. Many emerging designers are facing an increasingly challenging commercial climate, as they experience intense competition in achieving press exposure and sales.

Established in 2015, Fashion Crossover London is an online showcasing platform, which includes the e-commerce function, with a physical showroom in the financial hub of London. We provide showcase, retail, PR, and marketing services to introduce, promote and engage emerging designers and graduate talents with the fashion industry internationally. It is our mission to assist the most innovative designers in raising their international profile and selling directly into the fashion markets.

We believe in Slow Fashion where hand craftsmanship, individuality, and sustainability are the main directions for the future of fashion. It is our mission to discover, promote and connect the designers who support and share the same vision from all over the world.

Since 2015, we have been working with the most innovative designers from both the east and the west, with our support their collections have walked the Fashion Week runways of New York, Paris, Milan, London, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. We have promoted their collections to be featured internationally, including major fashion publications Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle. As well as having styled their pieces on red carpets events including the 70th Cannes International Film Festival, amFAR Gala and the Fashion Awards 2018 in partnership with Swarovski. In 2018, one of our biggest achievement was promoting our emerging designer’s collection to be featured in a commercial project << Dream It>>, directed by Academy Award winning American film director, Spike Jonze, and starring the Golden Globe Award winning British actor, Idris Elba OBE.

We offer 6 main services:

. The Designer Online Consignment 
. The PR & Showroom 
. The Press Day 
. Social Media & Brand Management 
. The China Market Business Development
. Graduate Talent Programme

In addition, we offer customised service based on the designer’s request. For all enquiries, please email:
Or call: +44(0)2034415070

As a specialist in fashion, we have extensive experience in fashion retail and marketing. We have a transparent understanding of the consumer group in both the UK and China, as well as a strong network of relationships with retailers. By working closely with fashion PR, digital marketing and social media marketing agencies on a global basis, we are here to create a distinctive experience for our designers.

全球化是一种由技术和思想,人员和商品的交流驱动现象。 根据世界经济论坛的最新报告, 在全球经济环境持续下降的时候,全球化4.0才刚刚开始。 许多新锐的设计师面临着日益严峻的商业环境,无论是在获得媒体曝光和销售方面都经历着市场激烈的竞争。



自2015年以来,我们合作过的包括国际时尚界里最具创意和影响力的新锐设计师,在我们提供的服务支持下,他们的设计均在纽约,巴黎,米兰,伦敦,上海和广州时装周上大放异彩。我们成功的将这些设计师作品推广到国际知名杂志包括Vogue,Harper's Bazaar和 Elle上展示和报道, 同时将设计师的作品推上国际各大红地毯活动,其中包括了第70届戛纳国际电影节期间各国一线明星出席的首映礼,amFAR名人慈善捐晚宴,由Swarovski 赞助的2018国际时尚大奖颁奖典礼等活动。在2018年,我们取得的最傲人的成绩之一,是成功地将新锐的设计师作品推上与Academy Award大奖得主的好莱坞电影导演 Spike Jonze 及Golden Globe Award大奖得主的英国知名男演员Idris Elba爵士(OBE)合作的商业广告片 << Dream It>>。


. 设计师品牌线上销售
. 时尚公关和线下展示厅
. 新品牌和新系列媒体发布
. 社交媒体及品牌管理
. 中国时尚类市场商业咨询
. 优秀毕业设计师项目


我们专注在时尚领域,并且在时尚零售, 市场推广及营销方面拥有丰富的实战经验。我们对中英两国不同消费群体有一个全面的理解,以及与欧洲及中国大陆地区的零售商有一个稳固的关系网络。我们同时与国际时尚公关公司, 数字营销和社交媒体营销公司都有紧密的合作,从而使得我们能够创造独特的客户体验。

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It was 2004 when Since first set foot in London as she left China to pursue her studies in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

During her student years, Since was actively engaged in the luxury fashion retail industry by working for brands such as Prada, Dior and Coach in their flagship stores, boutiques and concessions including department stores Harrods and Selfridges. After she graduated, Since worked as an international brand manager, in which the role entailed leading a sales team of up to 30 and running over 60 brands that included Jean Paul Gaultier, Red Valentino, and Fendi. Due to her varied work experience, Since has built a clear understanding of the consumer groups internationally, as well as a solid network of relationship with various retailers and industry professionals.

Flourishing off of a clear passion for encouraging young designers to reach their highest potential, Since fostered a long-term strategic partnership with the official organiser of the Guangzhou Fashion Week, and planned the showcase of Chinese fashion designers during London Fashion Week 2013, which included individual brand positioning and consultancy to enhance and promote them into the UK market.

Since continued to enrich her professionals by joining the London office of one of the biggest fashion and textiles manufacturing groups in China, where she assembled a fashion and textile design team to provide seasonal collections to clients including Ted Baker, House of Fraser, Brook Brothers and Debenhams. She also led the development and launch of a women’s sportswear brand in the UK and US. By collaborating with the Course Director, BA Textile Design Knit and alumni from Central Saint Martins, Since delivered various specialist design projects and has strengthened the alumni culture of CSM. She was the first Chinese alumni to bring back a commercial project to her alma mater, in which the students and other graduates were given the opportunity to collaborate within the fashion industry.

In 2015, Since founded, with the intention of promoting emerging designers and graduate talent. By providing an overseas channel between the UK and China to assist them in increasing their profile and sales internationally. Since has a strong belief that the value of Slow Fashion and hand craftsmanship will become two key and sustainable factors in the future of the fashion industry, which is reflected in the ethos of the Fashion Crossover London platform.