“Innovation, Resilience, Agility, Organisation, Entrepreneurship”

Fashion Crossover London proudly announces that we are the UK National Winner of the prestigious Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2020.

Fashion Crossover London has also successfully nominated six of our designers to become the Barclays Rising Star 2020: Dylan Joel,Claire Tiplady Poppy DowsingEden KeshiaTribe All by Angela Thouless and Nujoud Oweis.


“As a female entrepreneur who started my journey of building a business idea from just a piece of paper, to the Fashion Crossover London designer service platform which is now proudly serving over 600 designers across the East and the West, it is a true reward and honour to be recognized by the Barclays Entrepreneurs Awards in 2020. This is a year that has impacted the world the most, yet this is also the year that has strengthened the unity of the fashion community the most. This award goes to everyone in the Fashion Crossover London family!

Fashion Crossover London is an idealistic and optimistic company. We focus on all the goods that connecting creative people can bring. As Fashion Crossover London continues to grow, creative people everywhere have gotten a new platform to stay connected with the fashion industry, make their work seen, and build successful communities and businesses.

From London, Paris, Milan, New York, LA to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and China, from Award-winning fresh talents who grow their own textile materials, to established brands who are pioneers in their field.

This Award encapsulates the entrepreneurial spirit we represent and I wish to pass this on to all the Fashion Crossover London designers. For our six successful nominated Barclays Rising Star 2020: Fashion Crossover London designers: Tribe All by Angela Thouless, Claire Tiplady, Dylan Joel, Eden Keshia, Poppy Dowsing, Nujoud Oweis.

Congratulations on all the achievements you have made so far, thank you very much for your continuous support for Fashion Crossover London in 2020, we hope to create more magical moments together in the future!“

- Since (Qian) Wang, Founder of Fashion Crossover London