Arneta Nathlya is an Indonesian designer trying to combine unconventional designs and materials while still being relatable to current trends. Within her designs she is seeking out new uses and combinations for plants and fungi. Arneta is utilising vegan leather in her collection that she grew herself in order to keep sustainability alive throughout her work. We had a chance to get to know her even better and celebrate together her recent feature in the June issue of the Harper’s Bazaar. Don’t loose your chance of finding out more in the interview below!

Your designs include a combination of unconventional techniques and materials, whilst still being on trend; is being a sustainable designer something you’re strongly passionate about?

Yes, I’m passionate about sustainability especially when it comes to fashion design because I think it is important as a designer to be conscious of our impact on the environment. I hope my most recent collection inspires more designers to use environmentally friendly materials. I also hope that other designers find new and innovative methods of producing sustainable materials for the fashion industry.

You are an innovative and sustainable designer, could you tell us what does it mean to you to be a new emerging designer in 2021?

I feel like what important is that designers should always create pieces that are original, creative and unique. That is what I want to portray in my clothes – garments that has a piece of me in it.

We were crossing over to a new way of life but not yet leaving the old one behind and unknown of the next move

Your recent collection, ‘GROWTH’, was inspired by nature; where did your inspiration stem from?

It was an assignment for one of my classes that required the students to take inspiration from the ‘connectedness’ found in nature such as unique bonds that plants, animals or fungi have. I was interested in the concept of growth in nature and eventually felt it would be interesting to grow my own fabric to work with.

Designers should always create pieces that are original, creative and unique.


The pieces from your collection, ‘GROWTH’, are made from a vegan leather that you made yourself; how did you come up with this concept?

After I gathered my inspiration, I focused my attention on how to make my own fabric with an emphasis on sustainability. Two years ago, I had done research on Kombucha (vegan) leather for one of my classes and I have experimented with the process ever since, finally perfecting it now for my current collection. I got the idea from Suzanne Lee’s ‘Biocouture’.

What can we expect to see in your future designs, in particular your graduate collection?

I plan to continue to experiments with different types of materials, and I’ve been wanting to create something that is inspired by my Indonesian culture. This is my way to be innovative and unique.

I’ve been wanting to create something that is inspired by my Indonesian culture;

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Words by Holly Cramman