Yi Zhou received her MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2013. As an artist and a designer, her works include an amalgamation of art, design and fashion. Yi’s projects are mostly drawn from daily life, and focus on human relations and behaviour. Inspiration has been taken from observation and categorisation of social issues, then transferring those insights and analysis into playful artistic manifestations. The 'Body Memory' collection was founded in 2014 in Beijing, as an innovative accessories brand which combines her interests.

The project consists of duplicated cast models of body parts, which have been transformed into accessories. These include fingers, nose, ears, nipples, etc. some of which are decorated in ways according to specific parts, such as the single golden tooth in ‘Teeth’ and the ‘Ear’ brooch sporting an ear stud. The project is based on how our body stores memories about our experiences, habits, sensations, etc. An accumulation of information is stored in our skin, muscles, tendons and nerves as they actively engage in our lives.

‘Body Memory’ has been exhibited at ‘Get It Louder’ 2014 in Beijing, Beijing Design Week 2014 and New York Design Week 2015. She also holds workshops where participants can have casts made of their own body parts. Her work spanning sculpture, print and interaction has been featured in publications such as iLook magazine and her moving image work was featured at BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) Beijing.