A variety of strange shapes and colourful, innovative materials can be seen throughout Xin Wen’s series of works. She incorporates different cuttings and colours that have a diverse chemical effect to enhance the wearer’s character.

She is inspired by fairytales, nature and life and uses a range of different techniques such as silkscreen printing, laser cutting and embroidery to create her designs.Each piece of work is handmade, allowing them to be completely unique.

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Image is in the core of IA LONDON’s design. When Ira develops a collection, image is the first thing that she creates. Designing either layers filled with colour or almost black and white reflects her imaginary dialogue with masters of art, like Dürer and Botticelli. The she moves on to transforming the image into a wearable luxury scarf, top or couture garment.

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Initially inspired by the clashing gangs of Tokyo Tribe, a dystopian rap battle musical, Manimekala’s SS19 collection "Wayward" is about the interaction of different cultures. Researching the Japanese subculture of the bosozoku bikers, and their adoption of the American greaser lifestyle, Manimekala developed distinctive abstract motifs to identify her own imagined gang.

Coming from a mixed race background comprising British, Indian and American (USA), she takes an intersectional approach to consider the implications of her specific heritage within the context of contemporary power structures and the legacy of Western colonialism.

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One of the fondest memories of Alegria Grifdal’s is her childhood in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This mystical city is affluent in copious branches of artisanal expressions, she often visited workshops and studios with her family. Falling in love since a young age with the process of creating handcrafted and unique pieces, Following a powerful calling, Alegria embarked on a journey to acquire prolific skills through acclaimed schools, mentors, and master crafters in Mexico, Spain, and Italy.

While discovering diverse facets of the fashion and luxury industry, she also explored further spirituality and symbolism in her trips that brought even more blaze to her inner growing ploy and eventually gave birth to Tissuville in Sweden.

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Yeonghun Noh’s collection was heavily inspired by Shahar Livne's recycling of plastic. Using this as a starting point, he focused his idea about ocean plastic pollution caused by fast-food brands. At this point, he came out with jesmonite, which is an eco-friendly material, to re-create the shape of the pieces from the actual plastic such as straw, coffee cup, sauce container and water bottle.

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Body Memory is formed from the hypothesis that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain. The recollections that our body stores are not always ones that we are consciously aware of, such as sounds, smells, touches and so on.

These unconscious memories are imprinted all over our bodies on a cellular level. Therefore it is the cells that store information of our experiences, habits, and sensations. Things like skin, muscles and nerves all accumulate these details as they actively engage in our daily lives.

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With a focus on quality materials and vibrant hair colours, the inspiration behind Zapota Hair’s hair accessories range is clear – inventive forms, modern designs and minimalist architecture. Selecting the right colour is the first step in the making process. Zapota Hair have created a set of more than 500 colours inspired by the latest hair trends.

To make hair accessories Zapota Hair only use the best blonde hair from their trusted suppliers. They monitor their supply chain to ensure that the hair is obtained from ethical and non exploitative sources.

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